101 Ways How To Save Money

Saving money is difficult for many people. My 101 tips on saving money should help you to save money on a long-term and regular basis. You can then use your saved money to make a major purchase, to go on holiday or to build up a long-term fortune.

In the following list I have compiled my 101 tips to inspire you for saving money. Which tips to save money do you use? Do you think we can find even more saving tips to enlarge the list?

  1. Never go shopping while hungry

Avoid shopping with a hungry stomach. If you go shopping with your stomach empty, you run the risk of consuming expensive snacks, ready meals, and sweets that are not only unhealthy, but rather expensive. Also, they often do not fill you up long, so you’ll soon feel hungry again.

It’s best to go shopping after having a good meal. So you avoid the hangover after a meal.

  1. Buy used things

Instead of always buying brand new things, try using used items first. These are often significantly cheaper and not necessarily much worse.

For example, on Ebay and Craigslist classifieds you will find many offers from your area on the Internet. Often a shipment is possible. Even with Amazon you can save money if you are looking for B-Ware. In addition, there are also numerous regional groups on Facebook, where used items are sold cheaply and gives you the opportunity to save some money.

Otherwise, you’ll occasionally find a bulletin board with local buy and sell ads in the entry or checkout area of supermarkets, banks, or pinned in your town hall’s board.

  1. Check your coffee consumption

It’s better not to talk to you before your first morning coffee. Then you have the opportunity to save money here too. Especially if you enjoy a coffee-to-go at Starbucks or the cafe next door, this will cost you a hefty sum of money each month.

You can get away with it much cheaper if you cook your own coffee in the morning at home. With a handy coffee mug or a thermos, you can take your coffee from home and are supplied throughout the day. So, you do not need to stand in line and wait for your coffee – a great thing to save money.

However, you should avoid using a capsule machine to cook your coffee for you. The coffee capsules are actually quite expensive: For 1 kg of coffee powder in capsules you pay on average at least about $30, while you get the same amount of filter coffee for less than $10. A compromise between comfort and cost is a coffee pad machine.

  1. Use a budget book and record your expenses

Of course, to save money you have to know what you spend your money on. A very helpful tool to determine this is the budget book. Whenever you spend money, you will have to note this issue in your budget book. Your budget book will tell you when you spent how much money on what. At the end of the month you have such a good overview of your expenses and you can think about where you could save money.

You can lead the budget book in a classic way with pen and paper or use modern tools such as Excel. In the meantime, there are also many apps in which you can record your expenses. Especially if you are traveling a lot, you can capture all expenses directly and promptly in your smartphone.

The following spending collection apps can help you run your budget and save money: Evernote, Daily Budget, YNAB.

  1. Avoid spontaneous purchases by postponing

Spontaneous purchases of things you do not actually need can cost you a whole lot of money. So, once you think that only this pair of shoes can make your life perfect right now, stop buying and sleep over it for at least a night. With a clear mind the next morning, the world often looks very different again and you can look forward to avoiding this unnecessary purchase and saving the money.

For larger purchases, I even recommend that you let some more time pass. Before I buy something expensive myself, I usually wait a month and then see how many times I have missed the object of desire in the past few weeks. Not infrequently, one then realizes that the purchase is no longer so important, and you have successfully saved a lot of money again.

  1. Cook yourself and refrain from delivery services and ready meals

Ready meals from the supermarket are not only often unhealthy, but usually also quite expensive. Of course, even more money costs visits to the restaurant and delivery services. By cooking your own food, you can save a lot of money. It is also advisable to bring your own food to work instead of regularly buying sandwiches or other meals in the canteen, at the gas stations or in bakeries.

Buns can be much cheaper at home and you just take them with you. Also, many pasta dishes are cooked fast, delicious and reasonably priced and will fill you up a whole time. If you prepare your own food, you can save a lot of money in a month. A large selection of recipes can be found, for example, on the web for free.

  1. Buy food at the discount store

At the discount store you get many foods cheaper than in the supermarket. To compare the prices, you can take a look at the advertising magazines of each market. You can often find them on the internet. Often you will find in the markets also an area or a chest with products that are close to the best just before expiring date and therefore sold at a very low price. So, you can save money when buying your food.

  1. Take the basket and not a shopping cart

When shopping for your groceries, you better take a basket instead of a cart. In the large shopping cart, your purchase is particularly small. If you use a small basket instead, your purchase will be bigger. So you can prevent accidentally buying too much and save money.

  1. Create a shopping list

Before you go shopping, make a grocery list. On this list are the things you need and want to shop. Keep strictly to this list during your shopping, preventing yourself from spending money on expensive little things and accessories.

  1. Avoid products at the checkout area

Especially in supermarkets many little things such as chewing gum, chocolate bars and other seductions can be found at the cash desk area. The prices for these offers are usually extremely high. If you really want a chocolate bar, go back and buy a whole pack in the candy section. Your wallet will thank you, so you have once again saved money.

  1. Think about how long you have to work for it

When you buy something, think about how long you have to work for it. Take into account also your commute and calculate with your net salary. If you find out that you have to work 2 days for the new pants, you may think twice about it and decide to save the money.

  1. Pay with cash instead of card

Many people are not really aware when paying with a debit or credit card, how much money they just spend. The human mind can better classify the amount of money when it actually sees it.

If at the end of the month you also regularly ask yourself where the money has gone, why not try the following: Instead of paying with the card, you can now pay for your purchases at the cashier in cash. This will give you a better sense of how much money you are spending on your purchases, and may also save you some money.

  1. Avoid high bank and account fees

Many banks charge a fee for their account management from their customers. With a normal checking account, a few dollars come together so quickly. But there are also banks that offer you a free checking account. Nevertheless, many bank customers are taking their bank fees out of laziness. Clever bank customers, on the other hand, simply switch to a bank with better terms. For example, I myself am at a bank institute, where I have my checking account, my money account and my credit card – for free and without a monthly fee.

Changing banks from one bank to another is no longer as time-consuming as it used to be. Your new bank often does most of the work. With a change of your bank you can separate yourself from high account maintenance fees and once again save the money.

  1. Buy audiobooks instead of books

Although it sounds crazy, audiobooks are often much cheaper than the book itself. Not infrequently a book costs $30, while the audio book costs only a few dollars. You can also listen to the audiobook conveniently during a bus / car ride, walk to work, cook or do household chores and make a so much better use of your time.

I have been using most books as audiobooks for many years and am a big fan of Audible. As a new customer, you even get a free trial month there – by the way, you save the money for the books. I think that’s a great way to save money!

In fact, books or audiobooks are a great way to save money by providing entertainment for hours and days, not just like a movie for a couple of hours. If you still prefer reading instead of listening, e-books are another way to save a few dollars per book. In the meantime, there is also a whole range of different e-book readers. So, my savings tip 38 could be interesting for you.

  1. Drink tap water instead of mineral water

The tap water is subject to very strict controls and has a high quality. This can be significantly increased by a built-in filter system in your home. In addition, tap water is much cheaper and will be delivered directly to your home. So just drink tap water instead of mineral water. So, you not only save on carrying bottles of water, but also save a lot of money in the process. A liter of cheap water from the water bottle costs about 60 times more money as a liter of tap water.

  1. Drink less alcohol

Just like coffee, alcohol costs a lot of money. In addition, it is not healthy at all and harms your body. If you reduce your alcohol intake, you can save a lot of money.

Anyway, it’s a good idea to keep your party weekends at a reasonable level. Quickly a lot of money is spent on an evening for drinks, club entrance fees and transportation.

If you do not want to limit yourself in this regard, at least reduce the number of drinks in the club and glow vigorously – because in the club you pay often a fortune for it.

  1. Buy private labels

Many discounters also offer food under their own brand. Often these come from the same manufacture as the branded products. However, the private labels are usually much cheaper, so you can save some money with the purchase of private labels at the food discounter.

  1. Stop smoking

Cigarettes and tobacco cost a lot of money and are also very harmful to your health. When you quit smoking, you save a lot of money over the course of your life. With three to four packs of cigarettes a week, you spend about $10,000 just for smoking over the course of 10 years.

In addition, you will soon feel healthier and better. Your health will thank you so that you also save some money for medication as a side effect. A few years ago, there are apps on the market that can help you a lot. The app tells you that you have saved so far almost $5,000 by wavering of cigarettes.

If you absolutely can not do without smoking, you can at least save money by turning your cigarettes yourself.

  1. Buy tea in bulk packs

Are you a tea drinker? Then you can save money by buying your tea in bulk packs. The best tea in the world Darjeeling in large packs you get for example in wholesale.

If you can not drink so much yourself? Then just ask your friends and acquaintances, if you share a large pack of tea together and both want to save money.

  1. Compare your insurances

Many people pay too much for their insurance or have insurance they do not actually need. In particular, newly contracted couples are often double insured. It pays off to go through your own insurance and compare. No longer required insurance can be terminated, overpriced insurance can be replaced by cheaper insurance. So, you can quickly save a lot of money.

To compare your insurance, there are numerous comparison portals for insurance on the Internet. There you can compare the insurance of different providers and search for you the best offer. An insurance comparison is possible for example with these tariff check applications on the web.

  1. Invite your friends

Instead of meeting your friends in the restaurant or in a bar, just invite them to your home. At your convenience, you can either cook together or everyone brings something ready. Instead of spending a lot of money in the restaurant, you can save money and spend a fun evening. You can also take turn-meetings with other persons and make it a fun tradition that will help you save money along the way.

  1. Clean up your closet

A tidy wardrobe helps you save money. So, you keep a good overview of your clothes and avoid spending money on clothes that you do not actually need.

You may also find garments that you have not put on for ages. These can be exchanged or sold and so also save you some money. For example, classified ad sites are helpful.

  1. Patch or repair your clothes

Many brand new clothes are today trimmed to old and sold with holes, cracks and faded in the store or over the Internet. With some skills you can mend or repair your old and broken clothes and make them look like they were recently bought. So, you can use your old clothes longer and save money.

  1. Swap clothes instead of buying

Instead of buying new clothes, you can easily trade your existing clothes for other clothes. Trade your clothes with your friends or over the Internet garbage bin so you can bring a fresh twist of other clothes to your clothing lineup and save money.

  1. Buy food suitable for the season

Fruit and vegetables from all over the world can be found in the supermarket all year round. You can save some money if you buy food suitable for the season. Although you can buy strawberries in winter, they are much cheaper during the strawberry season in summer. If you can do without strawberries in winter, you can save some money.

  1. Buy offers on stock

If you have the opportunity to buy a small supply, then you can save some money. In that case you can wait for cheap offers of durable food, hygiene products or other things and use offers to buy a larger amount. Buying offers in stock helps you to save money.

  1. Buy regional products

Regional products have a shorter transport route, did not require extensive cooling and are often fresher than products from distant parts of the world. That’s why regional products are sometimes cheaper, so you can save money by buying local produce.

  1. Use foodsharing and share food

In the West, many foods are thrown away. The foodsharing platform brings donors and takers together and helps to ensure that leftover food is not thrown away by supermarkets, canteens or other facilities, but eaten. If you get low on foodsharing food, you can save some money again.

  1. Build your own furniture

Admittedly, a bit of manual skill is needed to build your own furniture. On the Internet, however, there are many instructions and tips to build, for example, your own furniture from old wooden pallets. Also upcycling, the reuse of old furniture, is a great way to get low on chic furniture and helps save money. Lots of inspiration for upcycling furniture can be found on Pinterest.

  1. Avoid loans for consumer spending

Loans for consumer spending such as TVs, smartphones and many other things cost money. Even the so-called zero-percent credits cost money, where the fee is often simply included in the purchase price. You should avoid consumer credit and save the money for larger purchases in advance. My tips on saving money can help you with that.

  1. Buy seasonal products anti-cyclically

Even if this tip may at first glance seem like a contradiction to tip 25, it can save you money. For some products, you can easily save money if you buy them counter-cyclically. This applies, for example, for decorative items, garden tools or clothing: The winter deco you get just after Christmas cheapest, the garden tools after the garden season, the summer clothes in the summer sale and the snow shovel in midsummer. So make sure you buy these products countercyclically and you can easily save money.

  1. Use public transport

Public transport is a great way to save money. Instead of driving your own car, you can travel by bus and train. With group tickets and weekly and monthly passes you can save extra money. For a good occupation while driving, take a look at Tip 14.

  1. Think about expensive nutritional supplements

Many people spend a lot of money on expensive supplements. A large part of these dietary supplements are unnecessary in a balanced diet and only lead to a very expensive urine. By not using these supplements, you can easily save a lot of money.

  1. Reduce your meat consumption

The increased meat consumption of many people not only pollutes our environment and means much harm to the animals, it is neither cheap nor healthy for us. If you eat less meat and more vegetables, you can also save money.

  1. Use the bike or walk

You also like to do short distances by car? In the future, get on the bike or walk. So, you can save money while doing something for your health. Maybe you would like to take a pedometer to motivate you in addition. Meanwhile, there are also many free apps for the smartphone.

  1. Automate your money saving

If you want to save money, make it as easy as possible and automate it. You can set up a standing order with your bank. With this standing order, it is best to transfer a fixed amount to a separate savings account immediately after the monthly cash receipt on your account. So, you can save money and avoid spending it during the month. As a savings account, I use a free money account at my bank and I am very satisfied there. If you are still looking for a savings account as a savings account, you should take a look at different offers from different banks.

  1. Reduce your rental costs

You live for rent? Then you can save money by reducing the expenses on your rent. If you’ve already proven to be a good tenant, talk to your landlord and ask him about the possibility of reducing your rent. Maybe even a move to a cheaper apartment in another location is in your best interest to save money.

  1. Use the library

In public libraries you will find much more than just books. Even magazines, music CDs, films or video games are now lent out in libraries. The cost of a library card is often very manageable and affordable. So, if you want to save some money, check out libraries in your area.

  1. Create a garden

In a garden, you can grow your own fruit and vegetables. Native plants are often not very expensive to care for. Even on a small balcony you can already grow your own tomatoes. Harvesting your own fruits and vegetables can help you save money and spend less on food.

If you have no room for this inform yourself on the net about “guerrilla gardening”, which is then perhaps a solution for you too.

  1. Cancel your gym subscription

Are you one of those people who have been a member of a gym for ages but hardly ever go there? Then you are like most people with such a membership. Instead of spending a lot of money every month for the fitness center, cancel your membership and integrate more sport into your everyday life by walking more and riding a bike. By eliminating the cost of the gym, you can save a lot of money in a year.

  1. Settle your outstanding debts

You have open debts? Then pay this and save money. Although you will have less money in the short term because you have to repay your debts. In the longer term, however, you save the interest on your debt and can save money in the long term.

  1. Rent unused rooms

You have unused rooms in your apartment or your house? Then rent this room. Airbnb is a daily tenant for a room. Alternatively, you can also look for a subtenant for a longer-term rental. You can put aside the income of the rental and save a lot of money.

  1. Prepare your food for travel

You are planning a longer travel journey, for example by train or car? Then it is worth preparing your meal for the trip. Get enough drinks and prepare some breads or rolls. So, you do not need to go hungry, you do not have to look for food shops and you do not spend money on expensive and unhealthy fast food in the train station or at the motorway service area. It’s so easy to save money here.

  1. Borrow instead of buying

Many things you can borrow better instead of buying them. In particular, tools, bike or car trailers, toys, and recreational quibbles are often better to borrow than to buy. Ask friends, family, or your neighbors if you can borrow the items you need. Many hardware stores also offer a rental service for tools. In return, of course, you should not skimp even if someone wants to borrow something from you. So, you can all save money together.

  1. Live in a shared flat

Living in a shared flat instead of living alone in a flat is much cheaper and saves you a lot of money. If you can not find a suitable flat to share with others, just ask a few friends and start your own flat share to save money.

  1. Craft children’s toys yourself

Instead of spending a lot of money on children’s toys, it’s better to make them yourself. Of course, you should have some manual skills or good instruction. Maybe you also make the toy directly with your children, so you can all have fun and in the process save money.

  1. Boil fruits and make them durable

Do you have a lot of fruit from your own garden or from publicly available fruit trees? Then cook the fruit to preserve it and make it into a delicious jam. You can enjoy them all year round and also in winter, when there is no frog fruit from the garden. So you can do without jam from the supermarket and save money.

  1. Avoid expensive toys for your pet

You have a dog or a cat? Then better do without spending a lot of money on expensive toys, scratching posts and other utensils. A simple cardboard box for the cat or a small wooden stick from the forest for the dog usually do their purpose just as well and are of course much cheaper. Do not use expensive toys for your pet and save the money.

  1. Make your gifts yourself

Make the gifts for your loved ones for Christmas or for their birthday youself. Homemade jam, biscuits or home-made deco are great for this purpose. So, you can positively attract attention with individual gifts and save additional money.

  1. Bend and stretch yourself on the shelf

Especially when shopping for your groceries, it pays off to bend and stretch extensively. At the bottom and the top of the shelf, you often find the cheapest food, while the products are usually more expensive at eye level. By buying these so-called bend- and stretched goods you can easily save money.

  1. Become a barber model

Ask your hairdresser if he needs hairdressing models. Often these are searched, for example, for the training of trainees or for advertising campaigns. With a little luck, you can work as a barber model and get your haircut for free – a good tip to save money.

Alternatively, you can blow dry and style your hair at many hairdressers and can thus reduce your costs for the hairdresser and save more money that way.

  1. Lower your heating costs

By lowering your heating costs, you can save money. To reduce your heating costs, you can reduce the temperature in unused rooms. Even with a longer absence, you should turn down the temperature in your apartment. You should also wear a sweater instead of a T-shirt and drink warm rather than cold water to further lower the temperature in your home and thus your heating costs. Also, it is better to open the window for airing for a few minutes completely, as to put it for hours on tilt.

  1. Give up your car

A car costs you a huge amount of money. In addition to the cost of purchasing high monthly costs come into play. In addition to the insurance for your car you have expenses for gasoline, cleaning and maintenance and the parking space for your car. In addition, high costs for an unexpected repair can come at any time to you. If you do without your own car, you can save a large amount of money.

Alternatively use public transport, bicycle or car sharing. Carpooling is an alternative to your own car and helps you save money.

  1. Question expensive care products

Expensive care and hygiene products such as creams, toothpaste, razors, shower gels or perfumes cost a lot of money. Try it for a change with cheap no-name products. Or does it have to be the expensive brand product for the shower in the morning? Even with the choice of toothpaste or razors, you can try it without hesitation once with cheap alternatives and again save money that way.

  1. Turn off the TV

Hours of television cost a lot of electricity. Try to reduce your TV consumption. In addition to savings on your electricity bill, you will be seduced by less advertising to less expensive purchases and can save money in two ways.

  1. Fix instead of throwing away

Before you throw away any defective items, try repairing them. Often, many items can be repaired easily and inexpensively. So, you can save a lot of money and use things longer. If you do not know how to repair something yourself, you may find someone in your circle of acquaintances or a local repair cafe who can help you.

  1. Use an ad blocker

On many websites on the Internet you will be filled with advertising. An ad blocker can help you get rid of the annoying ads and reduce temptation. So, you will be less enticed to expensive spontaneous purchases and can save more money. You can install an ad blocker in all popular internet browsers of course.

  1. Compare the prices

Whether in the supermarket, in the local retail or on the Internet: Before a purchase you should make a price comparison. That way you avoid overpriced purchases and save money. For food, you should generally pay attention to the price per kilogram or per 100 grams. You will usually find this price on the price tag as well.

For many other products, you can find price comparison sites on the internet. Of course, you can also simply compare prices in individual online shops. It is also worth haggling in the local retail trade with the seller and negotiating a better deal with reference to the cheaper price on the internet. Even if most traders do not let themselves down to the online price, you can still often save money by trying.

  1. Watch your health

Your health is your most precious asset and you should take care of it. In addition, medicines often cost a lot of money. So if you eat well and exercise regularly and take precautions, you can reduce the risk of expensive diseases.

  1. Pay annually instead of monthly

If you can afford it, use the annual form of payment instead of monthly payments. Especially with insurance and subscriptions you can often save a lot of money by doing so. Of course, you have to pay a higher sum on such short notice and have less cash, but often you get a discount and therefore can save money in the long run.

  1. Drive long-distance bus instead of train

Instead of using the train, you can travel longer distances often cheaper by using long-distance bus rides. The modern long-distance buses often offer more comfort than many trains with free Wi-Fi and power connections, and they also bring you much cheaper to your destination. To save money, you should definitely compare the prices between bus and train on your next trip. All of the largest bus operators are offering you cheap ways visit many European cities as well as in the US using bus rides can be very affordable compared to other transportation modes.

  1. Look for coupons before shopping

Especially when shopping on the internet you should look for vouchers before placing your order. Many online stores offer coupons for free shipping or an even bigger discount. You will often receive a voucher code by e-mail when registering for the newsletter of a provider. So, if you want to save some money, you should always look for vouchers before ordering.

  1. Make your tax return

Through your tax return, you can bring back overpaid taxes from the government. That’s why you should definitely always make your tax return. A tax accountant can help you with that. Alternatively, you can find out about many tax issues online and use the appropriate computer programs to help you with your tax return. You can also easily make your own tax return online. So, if you want to save money, you should definitely make a tax return. Quickly you can save a few hundred dollars in taxes that way.

  1. Put on a financial cushion

A financial cushion can also help you save money. With a healthy financial cushion, you can catch up on unplanned expenses such as the cost of a new refrigerator or a car repair and you do not have to borrow expensive money. You should also make sure that you do not regularly use the credit-line of your checking account. The interest on this loan is, in fact, quite high at most banks, often more than 10%. If you want to save money, you should therefore create a financial reserve for unplanned expenses.

  1. Cancel your subscriptions and contracts on time

Contracts for mobile, the Internet connection, the magazine subscription or fitness center often have a term of more than one year. Therefore, you should absolutely pay attention when and how to terminate these contracts or subscriptions in good time before the expiration of the notice period. Otherwise, in most cases, subscriptions automatically renew, and you spend a lot of money on something you do not actually need anymore.

For example, it is a good idea to terminate contracts immediately after signing a contract. So, you have already done this and can not forget it. Anyway, you should just have the current tariffs exactly in view at mobile phone rates. Often these offer significantly better conditions than the old contracts for the same price.

For example, on the internet you will find many mandatory termination letters on different consumer protection websites. There you only need to enter your data, print the notice and send it. Like that you make sure to cancel your contracts on time and save money.

  1. Work in a side job

You can work in a side job and earn extra money. You can then save the earned money. You can also find a side job on the internet. However, it is often helpful to talk to friends and acquaintances, to ask questions in the neighborhood or to look for posts in the local retail trade.

  1. Negotiate a salary increase

Do you think that your current salary is too low and does not match the benefits your employer has through you? Then you should negotiate with your boss about a salary increase. Before that, of course, you should be able to think of some good arguments for this and convincingly convey your added value to the company. If you can agree with your boss on a salary increase, monthly additional money is available, which you can save.

  1. Slowly increase your standard of living

Many people make a lot of money, but at the end of the month, they rarely spend a dollar to save it. They have the following problem: Their high income is also faced with high expenses. Of course, such people live a reasonably luxurious life, but they can not save money anyway. Reducing this luxury in order to save money is perceived by many of these people as a massive loss of comfort.

For this reason, it makes sense to increase your own standard of living only very slowly and not at the same speed as the income increases. This way you can avoid getting into such a situation for the first time. When you raise your salary, you’re more likely to use much of the raise to save more money, and only a small part of it to give you more luxury.

Of course, the same applies to an apartment or a car: Instead of moving directly from your student apartment to the largest apartment you can afford, move to a slightly larger one or more comfortable apartment and pay a little more on rental fee. The joy of the comfort and luxury gained is almost the same, except that you can save significantly more money. After a few years you can still decide to move back to a bigger apartment.

If you want to save a lot of money in your life in the long term and still want to be satisfied with your life situation, increase your standard of living only slowly and save the remaining money.

  1. Keep an eye on your cash

If you want to save money, you should always keep an eye on your cash in your purse. Too fast money is spent in everyday life for trifles and the wallet is suddenly empty. For that reason you should not carry too much cash in your wallet.

  1. Cancel your newspaper subscription and read news on the Internet

There are now countless news portals on the Internet and all the major newspapers offer news and articles on their websites. Why do you need a newspaper subscription? Cancel your newspaper and read news online to save money.

If you do not want to give up your newspaper, many newspapers now offer digital subscriptions. There you can read your newspaper on the computer, on the smartphone or the tablet. By using the digital subscription, you can often save some money too.

  1. Use free soup kitchens

If your financial situation is really serious, you can get food for free at the free table or in soup kitchens. Of course, you should use these offers only if you really need them, not just to save some more money.

  1. Stay away from drugs

In addition to tobacco and alcohol, there are of course a lot of other drugs. Everyone has in common that they are extremely expensive and cost you a lot of money. So, if you want to save money, you should stay away from drugs of any kind. Also, to benefit your health you should refrain from drug use.

  1. Put unexpected revenue aside

If you receive money unexpectedly, for example, through an inheritance, donation or profit, you should put that money aside if you want to save money. If you do not want to give it up, put at least part of the money aside and do not spend all your money. I recommend you use unexpected revenue to help you reach your savings target faster.

  1. Start with small saving amounts

If you want to save money, the most important thing is to start first. Even if you do not have much left in your current situation, you should start with small amounts and regularly save some money. So, you get used to saving money and it becomes a habit for you. Then you can start slowly to save increasing amounts of money. Maybe you will find that you already get along with less money. If you want to save money in the long term, the most important thing is to start saving money at all – even if it is only small amounts at the beginning.

  1. Do not get involved in gambling

If you want to save money, do not get involved in gambling. Maybe you have heard the following saying: “The bank always wins.” And that is indeed the case. Of course, you can be lucky and win some money, but in the long run most people lose a lot of money in gambling.

So, if you want to save money, I advise you to stay away from casinos, lotto, scratch cards and the thousands of other types of gambling in the big wide world. Even sports betting and the like you should keep your fingers off, if you really want to save money.

  1. Use student discounts

Are you currently a student? Then this is a great opportunity for you to save money. As a student, you get a discount on many facilities, leisure activities or shops. So, it’s worth asking before buying or visiting if there’s a student discount. It’s best if you keep your student ID right in case you need it to save some money every now and then.

  1. Take a shopping bag with you

If you go shopping, you should take a shopping bag with you. So, you do not need to buy a bag at checkout and can save money. Even if the single bag only costs a few cents, a lot of money will come together over time. So, if you want to do something good for the environment and also save money, take a shopping bag with you.

  1. Buy an artificial Christmas tree

Admittedly, an artificial fir tree may not exude the same charm as a real Christmas tree. It regularly saves you the stress of having to look for a nice Christmas tree at Christmas time. It is often a bit more expensive to buy, but it does not scatter needles and allows you to save money after a few years at Christmas. Even the disposal in the new year is eliminated for you. If you want to save money and spare your nerves, try using an artificial Christmas tree.

  1. Don’t print out everything

If possible, avoid to print-out everything, but read on your computer. Instead of sending letters try to do you correspondence through e-mail if possible. You will be able to save a lot of money in paper and cartridge ink and even the initial investment into a printer becomes obsolete.

  1. Work at festivals

You like to go to festivals? Then this is a good opportunity for you to save money in the future. Namely, many helpers are looking for a variety of works at many festivals. If you work as a helper at a festival, you can get a lot of money, save entry fees and still profit from the entertainment and the atmosphere of the festival.

It’s best to just write the festival organizers a few months in advance and ask if and on what terms you can help out. Maybe you’re lucky and can save some money at the next festival season.

  1. Use a rain barrel

Do you regularly need larger amounts of water for your garden or balcony plants? Then you should check once if a rain barrel is suitable for you. In a rain barrel, you can collect the rainwater and then use it for watering your plants. So you do not need to use precious tap water for your plants and can save money.

  1. Make holidays in the native country side

It does not always have to be the flight to distant countries to spend a great holiday. You can save a lot of money if you spend your vacation in your home country. In fact, there are often many things to discover in your own city and in the region, as well as exciting adventures to discover that you have never known before.

In order to save money, it is worth exploring your own surroundings and looking out of the glasses of a tourist. Just go to the city or municipal tourist office and get information for tourists. You will be amazed how exciting a holiday in your own homeland can be. I wish you a lot of fun while vacationing at home and save money.

  1. Borrow clothes for special occasions

Instead of spending a lot of money on a suit or gown for special occasions like weddings, funerals or the like, you can often borrow the clothes for the occasion. Maybe you have friends or relatives who can lend you an outfit of your size. Otherwise, there is also the possibility to borrow a suitable outfit, for example, in a suit rental for a small fee. Although this option costs a little money, it is often much cheaper than having to buy your own suit, which you rarely need.

Also, for other festivals and events such as Carnival or the Oktoberfest, it is a good idea to borrow the costume or the “Lederhosen” instead of buying them. In particular, costumes can also easily be exchange between you and your friends. Like that you both have a different costume than the previous year and can save money.

  1. Use capital-efficient services

Many employers pay their employees a grant in the form of capital gains. With a little luck, you can get up to $40 per month from your employer. The best thing to do is ask your employer. If he pays you the full grant, you can pretty much just save hundreds of dollars a year in money.

  1. Get a separate savings account

With a separate savings account you can save money. The savings account gives you a better overview of your savings and your money for everyday expenses. I myself have my accounts with one and the same bank and use my checking account there for my everyday expenses and my money account as a savings account. Account management at my bank is free and I am very satisfied there.

  1. Use action days to save money

In the cinema, in museums, in zoos and many other institutions there are regular special action days where you can save some money. For example, many cinemas have a special cinema day every week, where the entries are particularly favorable. Even museums have occasional action days, where the visit is sometimes even completely free. If you want to save money and are a bit flexible, you should pay attention to such action days and plan your visits accordingly.

  1. Watch your smartphone

If you want to save money, you should take care of your smartphone and handle it carefully. A fall into the toilet and your smartphone is broken. A new smartphone quickly costs several hundred dollars. Also, the repair of the display because of a fall can be expensive. If you handle your smartphone with care, you can save a lot of money.

It’s best to get a good protection casing for your smartphone and you can also get a screen protector for little money. If you decide to sell your smartphone one day, you get a lot more money for a smartphone without scratches and in good condition.

  1. Refueling at the right time

If you own a car, you often spend a lot of money on gasoline. You can save some money if you refuel at the right time of the day. The cheapest is often in the early evening between 18 and 20 o’clock. In the morning, however, the prices for gasoline are usually the highest. Even at the beginning of the holiday, gasoline prices are often very high. With a petrol price comparison app on your smartphone, you can easily see the prices of the different gas stations in your area and the price history throughout the day. So if you want to save money while refueling, you should get yourself a corresponding app for your smartphone.

  1. Swap books, movies, and more

Many books are only read once and dust away on the shelf. This also applies to movies, games and other things. If you want to save money, you should just swap these things with others instead. Swap an already read book for an unread book or a movie. You can swap both in a small circle with your friends and acquaintances, as well as on the Internet on exchanges such as exchange ticket. Sharing books, movies and games helps protect the environment while saving you money in the process.

  1. Use the clothesline

You can also save money if you use the clothesline or a drying rack instead of a tumble dryer. You can save a lot of money not only on the purchase, but also on the operation: a clothesline costs much less money than a tumble dryer and can be operated practically free of charge. Using the clothesline will help you save money.

  1. Pick public fruit trees

In many places in the world one finds publicly accessible fruit trees and berry bushes. If you want to save money, you can pick your fruits like apples, pears or nuts for the season simply freshly from such a tree or shrub. These days you will find also a lot of websites on the web that show you maps where you can find publicly available fruit plants that you can pick and collect the fruits from for free.

  1. Use trial subscriptions to save money

With trial subscriptions you can save a nice sum of money. Often there are free trial subscriptions where you can try a free quote for a while. Many newspapers offer trial subscriptions, but also entertainment services like Netflix, Spotify or Audible offer such free trials on the net. It’s always worth taking a look at these trial subscriptions to save money. However, you should not forget my money saving tip 65 on a similar subject.

  1. Keep your motivation up

You can save a lot of money only if you stay on the ball long term and save money regularly. To stay motivated and save money in the long term, you should consider carefully why you are saving money. What goal would you like to achieve with saving money? Imagine this goal and imagine how it will be when you reach this goal.

Even apps for your smartphone can help you stay motivated. For example, I use the Daily Budget app on my smartphone to track my progress in saving money.

  1. Consider running costs and lifespan

With all your expenses, you should always consider the running costs and the lifespan of a purchase, if you want to save money successfully. For example, for technical equipment, ask yourself if you can save more money in the long term with a branded device or a cheap no-name device. You can read reviews and tests on the internet. It may well be cheaper to spend more money on a branded device with a much longer lifespan.

Even with food you should ask yourself the question of how long a meal will probably saturate and satisfy you. Instead of buying the cheap snack, which only saturates you for half an hour, you can spend more on vegetables or a piece of fruit, which will fill you up for several hours.

The running costs of a purchase are also important if you want to save money. When buying a car, you should not just pay attention to how much you pay for the car once. You should also look at how much money you have to spend on insurance, maintenance and fuel costs on a regular basis. The same is true, for example, for the lighting in your home: Instead of a cheap bulb, you can better buy a slightly more expensive but more efficient LED lamp and thus save money thus electricity costs in the long-run.

If you want to save money, always consider the lifetime and the running costs of a purchase.

  1. Save money with product samples

Often, manufacturers or sellers of products offer free product samples. I know these free product samples for example from perfumes or from bakeries. Keeping your eyes open and looking for free product samples can save you much money.

  1. Think about your free time activities

Do you really need to party with your friends every weekend, meet up in restaurants regularly during the week, or go to the movies? With a little change and adaptation in your leisure time, you can save a lot of money without sacrificing on fun in your free time.

Regularly organize joint board-game evenings with your friends, go to the free open-air cinema and undertake a bike ride or a hike. Maybe you organize your own running dinner. Even books or audiobooks are a cheap way to fill entire evenings. With a clever change of your leisure time you can save a lot of money.

  1. Be flexible in your vacation planning

With some flexibility in your vacation planning you can make very cheap bargains and save a lot of money. A good tip for saving money is, for example, not to commit to a resort, but instead to look where you can get cheap accomodation. Also, the holiday is often much cheaper outside the main holiday season. If you have enough spontaneity and flexibility to travel at short notice, you can sometimes save a lot of money on last-minute deals.

  1. Buy juice concentrate in bulk packs

If you find the taste of water boring in the long run, you can save a lot of money by purchasing juice concentrate in bulk packs. Instead of buying a bottle of apple juice in the grocery store, you can, for example, have a large pack of apple juice concentrate delivered to your home. There you can then mix your apple juice to your own taste with water and also save money. You can order juice concentrate in large packs, for example, in a shop online. In addition, you still avoid the towing to your apartment.

  1. Turn off standby devices

Many devices such as TVs, music systems or Blu-ray players switch to a stand-by mode when switched off. In this stand-by mode, they continue to consume power and cost money. So, if you want to save money, it’s best to disconnect these devices from the power when you do not need them.

These are, for example, multiple sockets with toggle switch. Also, switchable sockets are very comfortable, which you can switch remotely with a remote control. To get the most out of your devices’ energy and power costs, it’s best to use energy meters as intermediate plugs. Disconnect your stand-by devices and other power guzzlers from power to save money.

  1. Consider contracts with short maturities

Sometimes it can make sense to conclude contracts with short maturities. This will give you a lot more flexibility and may also save you a lot of money. One-month contracts are available, for example, for the Internet connection or the mobile connection at some companies. There you can cancel your contract within one month, expand or reduce it by additional volume or inclusive minutes.

Although the set-up costs are slightly higher, you should, however, come into the situation once, for example, you no longer need your mobile phone contract, as you can cancel at short notice and do not need to pay many more months.

  1. Check your rent increases

If you are facing a rent increase by your landlord, you should consider it carefully. For example, you can get help from a tenant federation or association in your area. Memberships there often costs only a few dollars, but the free advice you get in case of a rent increase can save you a lot of money.

I hope these tips inspire you to make savings in your daily life and maybe share this post with your community on social media to inspire others as well.

Which tips to save money do you use? Do you think we can find even more saving tips to enlarge the list? Write me a comment here below in the comment box!

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