About Me

My name is Michel and I am a 20 years old autodidact geek who loves to stumble around the web to find inspiring ideas that could shape my future and help me grow.

A few weeks ago I found an intriguing article of a dude claiming that he managed to retire at his 30th and that he can do what he wants with his life… no more “Rat Race” for him. I know what you think as it was the same for me, the dude won the lottery or was lucky enough to make a huge inheratance from an aunte he didn’t knew existed. But when I read that he started his journey at 21 by living a minimalist lifestyle, saving as much as possible from his salary that he reinvested into the financial makets and during his free time he worked his ass off to start small businesses to generate additional income streams to make his goal come true, I was hooked and I had to find out more about his path.

Quickly I found out that he is not the only one who decided to retire early, in fact there is an entire movement called F.I.R.E. which means “Financial Independence Retire Early” as it is called in the US while in the old country in Europe they call it the Frugalist movement.

I had to find out what this is all about and how I would be able to achieve this for me as well and maybe inspire people around me, my friends and family and mybe you to follow this path too. As life isn’t getting any easier for us humans with the robotic era looming around the corner stealing our jobs, I figured it would be nice to get financially independent as soon as possible so I won’t have to rely on goverment support and have the liberty to manage my time between work, family and hobbies as I see fit.

A Dream

I decided to learn as much as possible about the frugalist F.I.R.E. movement, the lifestyle and mindset necessary to make this a successful journey, trough blogs and books. And during my reasearch and education I decided to start my own blog here to share my findings, opinions and having a way to share my path to early retirement, hopefully at my 30th.

One thing I can promise you guys here and now I won’t do everything like the others out there and sometimes I will take unconventional routes as it is my nature to achieve my goal to financial freedom and indipendence in a way that I could live with it without compromising on my ethical principles.

I hope to inspire other people so they decide to follow a similar path to financial independence their way. So stay with me and follow my blog regularly and if you like what I do feel free to share my posts through your social media channels with your community out there.

See you around and lets spread the F.I.R.E.