BlackRock Exposure – Betting Against The Dark Side

After yesterday’s profit taking I went out with some friends for a little celebration and invested a share of my profit in a delightful meal as well as some fine wines, but yet nothing too crazy. Don’t be alarmed.

After a good night sleep I woke up in the afternoon, this time with a crazy investment idea!

After a little expresso at the bar and watching the news online on my phone, I went to the bank to withdraw my money from yesterday’s profitable operation and on the spot I decided to turn my idea into reality and reinvested or should I better say I placed a bet against BlackRock.

I took the remaining amount of profit from the operation I realized yesterday, which after the fiesta night I had with my friends was still substantial and bought “put options” on BlackRock stock for almost US$9,000. It seems quit logical move to me to take that path as I still believe that the Corona virus can potentially take down the world economy and with it pillars like the dark eminence called “BlackRock”.

I bought “put options” (NYSE: BLK#O2020C480000) with a strike price US$480 runing for a month till 03/20/2020 and got them confirmed on the spot at a premium at US$1,37

Satisfied with myself and my latest operation I left the bank with a capital of US$24,000 in one pocket and in the other one a confirmation ticket of a 9,000 dollar bet against Larry Fink and the dark side – LOL –

Am I still drunk from last night? But now it was too late anyway.

Done Is Done! Let’s wait and see.

How do you feel about this move? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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