Climbing Stairs Is Probably The Most Minimalist And Effective Fitness Exercise In Everyday Life

In order to move and do something for your fitness, you don’t have to register in any club or studio.

Exercise and fitness are also possible without a sports club or studio

You can easily integrate this into your everyday life: in the morning do some yoga instead of staring at the smartphone, at lunchtime take a walk instead of going to the canteen and after work play a game of boules instead of sitting in front of the TV.

Ride your bike, walk and climb stairs as often as possible. Clean windows, work in the garden and carry your shopping home. Romping around with the kids, practicing light switch kung fu…

Climbing stairs improves your health and life expectancy

Among the fitness exercises suitable for everyday use, climbing stairs is particularly minimalist and effective. It costs nothing, can be trained almost anywhere, and promotes health and life expectancy.

Studies show that climbing stairs can be compared to an intense exercise program. In a quarter of an hour you burn up to 225 kilocalories. That’s more than jogging.

Climbing stairs is good for your health in several ways. It trains the muscles, especially the buttocks, thighs and calves, strengthens the heart and circulation, improves breathing and endurance, lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol levels, prevents obesity or helps with weight loss and trains concentration and coordination skills.

Exercise is also important in most cases with previous illnesses such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease or asthma. Whether and to what extent you can climb stairs should then be clarified with the doctor.

On the stairs, set, go

Avoid elevators and escalators from now on – at home, on the way to work, on small business trips, when shopping and in your free time.

But don’t overdo it at the beginning. Gradually get your body used to climbing stairs. Continuously increase your pace and the number of steps per day. Regularity will quickly improve your fitness and exercise capacity. Then you will add additional floors for fun. In order not to fall, you should always concentrate and move in single-tasking.

You can also come up with a small exercise program. Increase your pace from floor to floor and take a breath as you go down.

Or take the top two steps at a time and take the escalator down to relax. Or change the walking or running pace and the use of arms every ten levels. Or step upstairs with just your balls of feet and downstairs with your whole foot…

Now what are you waiting for?

On the stairs, set, go!

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