Freedom Instead Of Work Learn How It Works!

You are probably sitting in the hamster wheel of work and financial dependence. You go to your workplace every day fully aware and do things in which you do not see any sense. While you make others rich, you just have enough to live on, with no freedom in sight. That not only makes you unhappy, but also sick. It is time to change that…

Therefore you should continue read on how it works to achieve financial freedom with investment instead of work.

First of all, you need to be aware of your problems, so you know what you are going to do with them to achieve financial freedom. This article accompanies you through the professional world and uncovers openly how pointless work makes you sick and poor. In the end, there is the solution to your problem.

First of all, the most important thing is to identify your problem exactly, otherwise you can’t solve it!

The meaning of life and freedom

Do you hope for a life in paradise and you do not care about the here and now? Do you think you have so many lives that the present one does not matter? Don’t you expect more from your existence?

If you answer these questions with “No”, then you absolutely need a meaning in life! You do not just need a vaguely defined meaning like “I want to be happy.” Or “I want to be there for my family.” What you do on a daily basis must make sense to you, because if it does not, you’re unhappy. Whoever lives his entire life instead of making decisions himself becomes bitter and regrets his life when he is on his deathbed. Now ask yourself what you spend most of your life with. Quite sure, the answer will be “work”. Because somehow you have to come to money.

With this money you have food, a roof over your head and you can buy pretty much everything your heart desires. So far everything is great, but it does not help you if you have to sacrifice something much more precious for this money: your lifetime. You’re probably left with only 70 percent, or even half, if everything goes well. You can’t retrieve your lifetime after the fact.

That’s why it’s so important that your work is fun and meaningful to you personally. If that is not the case, it will show up immediately. Mentally and physically!

Work makes you sick

Not every job makes you sick. If you do a job that you love more than you hate it and if you like getting out of bed to work, then work is great. Unfortunately, most of them are not. Most people do something every day that is not fun for them. This is especially the case when work is perceived as meaningless.

Of course, work is almost never pointless, but it depends on how much the employer’s sense fits in with your purpose. The well-known Absentee Report describes to what extent diseases and complaints are related to the work. Every second employee suffers from back problems, joint problems and exhaustion. One in three irritability, nervousness, headache, listlessness and sleep disorders.

The persons concerned stated that work was the main cause. Even if we are already sick, every third person goes to work – one in five against medical advice. This is dramatic, and it shows that our understanding of work goes wrong. Yes, work should benefit society and is not meant to be fun, but in the present time many can do a work that is fun for them. You can be one of them!

What is important to you?

I do not know you personally, but if you belong to the absolute majority of people, then the following things are important to you:

  • Safe and healthy working conditions
  • The feeling of doing something meaningful
  • Interesting activity
  • Compatibility with privacy and family
  • An activity where you can work independently

You should find all these things in your workplace, otherwise you will work against what is important to you in life. Pointless workers are twice as ill as those who see benefit in what they do. Expect more from yourself. If your job does not offer you these things at the moment, then you do not have to quit it right away, but you should go alternative ways.

If you do not have the guts to do it for freedom then you can just try it next to the work and continue until you succeed. Then you are no longer dependent on your work. If your work does not meet the top five points and makes you unhappy and sick, you probably only do it because of the money.

But the thing is: for financial success, financial education is more important than your job! 9 out of 10 self-made millionaires have become rich through entrepreneurship or real estate, not work.

Now you might not want to become a millionaire, but that does not matter, because the most important thing is: With financial education you can always improve your financial situation, and even achieve financial freedom. In the best case, you are even like me and all you have to do is work on what you see meaning and what you enjoy.

Freedom depends on you!

But do not blame your employer directly, because in the first place a lot depends on you. For whether you feel something useful, you are of course responsible. In the absences report already mentioned, meaning at work is subdivided into three areas: sense of the general public, sense of yourself and meaning in the working environment.

As an example, we can gladly cite what you see right here in front of you. I enjoy writing this article because I know that it helps many people. He takes me further because it teaches me how to handle language and article building, and because writing challenges me and I earn a little money from it.

The third kind of sense is extremely important and probably the reason why I like writing for my Frugalist FIRE Movement blog. The FIRE Movement is a community in which we treat each other very relaxed and help each other out together.

I have also written similar articles for other blogs for which I have earned three times more, but because the customer was bad, I have left it. It should be the same with you in the best case.

Maybe you already have a job that makes sense to you in all three areas and you just have to discover it. If not, then stand up for yourself and change jobs as early as possible. It’s not always easy, but it’s your life and it should be worth it.

Money is…

The root of all evil? No. Money is the easiest way out of the hamster wheel. Because if you manage to handle money well and invest it in equities, real estate and especially your own projects, then you do not need any other work. You are no longer dependent on any employer and buy yourself free of bad corporate culture, bad leadership and not working conditions.

“Financial freedom” and “passive income” are winged terms that have been heard every time and that sound too good to be true. To get money even if you do not work every hour and get more money through money is a dream. But a dream that can come true if you deal enough with our monetary system and investment.

So that you can do that right now there is the Frugalist FIRE Movement. Financial education does not exist in our school system and we are all too short. Everyone has to acquire their own financial knowledge and that’s why most do not.

We want to change that and you are certainly too!

Money is our specialty, we show you how to earn it, how to invest it, and how to be happy with it. I purposely do not elaborate on these points because there are many interesting and inspiring articles on the blog.

Look around and you’ll find help for almost every topic! There are also information available on Facebook at the Frugalist FIRE Movement Facebook group. If you’re already part of the Frugalist FIRE Movement community, with a growing number of members who will help you with their expertise on any of your personal questions. I invite you to help others too.


You now know the rough direction in which you have to go to get from your work into a life of financial freedom. Since financial education is essential for this, I will do my best to help and assist you here. The Frugalist FIRE Movement community knows your goals because they have the same.

We make blog posts for ordinary people who want to be financially successful and free. We focus on those who really want to do something. This sets us apart from the rest of the market because most books, courses, etc. and are just there to give you the will to be financially successful.

But we first start at this point too and therefore know that you are thinking already differently, more as an investor. With investments you always have to try to come out with more than you had put in. Our goal is to assist exactly with that. So, it is exactly what we try to achieve with the Frugalist FIRE Movement blog. We are convinced that this will bring you a lot closer to a happy and free life with financial independence in early retirement!

Share your thoughts here below in the comment box and with friends on social media to help them too to achieve financial freedom and independence if they want.

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