Frugality: This Is How You Live Happier

Frugality means you do not always have to strive for more. I will explain how you can live more frugal and why this lifestyle will make you happy.

What is frugality?

On the one hand, frugality means being content with what you have and not always striving for more. But it can also mean to be happy with little.

The Dalai Lama says the following to the contentment: “The irony wants it so that when we have the object of our desires, we are still not satisfied. In this way the desire never ends and is a constant source of trouble. The only antidote is the contentment.”

Synonyms for frugality are, according to the “Spelling Dictionary”, among other things, gratitude and simplicity. These terms are an important part of a frugal life:

  • Gratitude should be felt for the things you have. Instead of striving for more, you should realize how beautiful that is what you already have.
  • Simplicity goes hand in hand with minimalism: a simple life with little possessions that fills you up and makes you happy.

As you internalize these two qualities, you become more aware of what you have. Your appreciation is greater too.

Modern consumer society that wants more and more

We live in a consumer society that leads us to constantly buy new things, even when we do not need them. Nevertheless, many people are never satisfied with their new purchases for long.

Looking at others who seem to have a better time or rich celebrities on television awakens needs. You want to have what others have, or more. However, it usually does not make you happy, but rather triggers stress and dissatisfaction.

That’s how you can learn to be frugal

A frugal life is not difficult to implement:

  • First, ask yourself what you really need to be happy.
  • Deliberately look for what you have and enjoy the things you can call yours. This will make you happier than if you think that everything you have is always bigger and more expensive. With grateful, positive thoughts on your own possessions, it’s easier to be happy.
  • Forgoing ever new and expensive consumer goods that are actually unnecessary to life for you is a big step towards a more relaxed and happier life.

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