I Sold My BlackRock Stock – NYSE: BLK

I have to admit that since my post about the topic if Corona could potentially bust the global economy I don’t sleep very well and I really feel that if China won’t get out of this real quick this virus will really make the economic engine stutter – in my opinion it might even have the potential to drive the global economy into a recession and stock markets will go down as well.

Too much is depending on the Chinese economy and although I still trully belive that BlackRock stock is a great long-term investment.

But I think it is time to take my profit of over 40% that the stock performed and reevaluate the situation once we have a better view on the corona situation. The exposure that BLK has due to its investments worldwide makes it a candidate for a real strong correction in the coming weeks and months.

Today, February 19th, 2020 I sold the 60 shares I bought in August last year at a price of US$571.63 which results in a net profit of 40.98%

Not too shabby for a Frugalist investor who wants to retire at 30 – what do you guys think? Fire away and leave me a comment below.

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