Long-Term Investment In BlackRock Inc. Stock

On August 26th I decided to go to the dark side and invested into BlackRock Inc. (NYSE: BLK) at a price of $405.47 per share. With the savings of the month I was able to buy 60 shares. BlackRock’s purpose is to help more and more people experience financial independence. As a fiduciary to investors and a leading provider of financial technology, their clients turn to them for the solutions they need when planning for their most important goals “Financial Freedom”.

My investment strategy with BlackRock is a long-term investment to assure my financial independence to allow me to retire early.

Trees Offer Stability And An Annual ROI

On the property I bought in March of this year I made soil preparations to plant additional cherry trees and berry bushes to turn the property into an orchard. As the location of the property is in the South of Europe I had to make preparations for an underground irrigation system going from the water-well on my property to the seedlings I planted, as I expect droughts in the future due to climate change I have to make sure that my orchard is sufficiently watered.

The idea here is that this will allow me in a few years to become even more self-sufficient and turn the excess of fruits and berries I harvest each year into delicious homemade jam that I could sell on the farmers markets in the region. This will allow me to generate an annual ROI on the property.

To do the work and for the irrigation system material as well as a solar pump I had to invest an additional 2k Euro.

Investment In A Green Future

Next year the remaining of the property will be turned into a permaculture garden to turn my property investment into a “Green Investment” for the future.

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