I Made a Wine Investment & Found A Treasure

Where to go with the money? At zero to 0.5 percent interest rates that you can get at the bank right now, there’s little point in just sitting on your cash.

Speculation with derivatives is only a thing for gamblers with good nerves. So why not consider a wine investment, and enjoy yourself while making a profit?

Since the turn of the millennium, investment bankers have also turned their huge bonuses into wine, with Chinese and Russian businesspeople buying bottles at any price to manifest their status in front of friends and business associates.

Above all, wine investment means spending a lot of time. Those looking for fat returns will seldom achieve them within five years. You should have at least ten to fifteen years’ time, often much longer, before you sell.

But sometimes you can get lucky or you have to provoke your luck a little bit!

If you remember, this isn’t my first time recommending this investment strategy.

This time around, I bought 6 boxes of wine, each containing 24 bottles of fine French wine from a bankrupt estate of a wine merchant, for a total price of EUR1,500 and was fortunate enough to find 6 bottles of “Petrus” from 1995 in the inventory.

What a treasure!

Of the 144 bottles I bought, I was able to sell 120 bottles to friends and family and generated a total of EUR2,635 from it. But, of course I kept my treasure and some of my favorite wines from Burgundy to drink myself.

I have stored and will keep the 6 bottles of Petrus in a wine cellar, because when I told a banker friend from Hong Kong about my finding in a telephone conversation, he immediately made me an offer of US$ 2,000 per bottle if I was willing to sell it to him immediately.

Greatful I rejected his offer and told him that maybe in a few years’ time I was ready to maybe accept a new offer from him for the wine.

So, my first investment in wine over EUR1,500 has given me a virtual return of over 700% and now provided a real net return of 75.67% already.

Not a bad performance for a week’s work!

What did you do this month to get a step closer to your early retirement? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below – thank you.

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