Nightmare: Never Work Again

The last weeks of school and days were counted down and then it was finally time. The summer holidays are here. But what if going on a holiday was the worst thing you could do? What if to never work again was the true nightmare?

When I was a kid, the anticipation for the summer holidays would be tremendous. No school, no annoying learning and getting up early. Finally doing what I really want.

That’s how my thoughts were at the beginning of the summer holidays. But this year would be different…

The first weeks were still a lot of fun. I finally had enough time to pursue all the things I did not seem to have time for. Watching several films every day, surfing the internet for hours and reading comics.

But then something incredible happened:

I was so bored. All my friends were on vacation so I could not meet with them. Just then, when most of my friends would come back, we would go on vacation as a family. I was amazed at myself.

How could it be that I could do anything and was bored anyway?

How could it be that I was able to watch TV all day and somehow I was unhappy about it? After all, that was the biggest wish I had in school all the time.

My boredom was so great that I even wanted to go back to school with my friends and colleagues just to be with them. Even the boring music lessons with the analysis of classical music pieces. Anything would have been better than just watching TV all day.

Do you really wish to never work again?

How did one of my children’s books put it so nicely:

“Watch what you wish for. It could come true.”

In the last few weeks, I see a similar situation in the financial blog scene, as I did before the summer holidays. The desire not to have to work any more and to be able to divide one’s own time completely freely is very high for many people. Many thousands of people worldwide are therefore willing to save a considerable amount of money each month so that they eventually reach financial freedom and no longer have to work.

The big question is: So what now?

The first few weeks, months and maybe the first year will be awesome and exciting. You can finally fulfill your own wishes and dreams. Traveling around the world, pursuing a certain hobby or maybe watching TV all day long.

At some point, however, you will come to the point where you are looking for new challenges and meeting with other people.

What does Financial Freedom bring you when your friends and acquaintances all have to work all day and have no time? Or if you get so bored that you want to go back to even the most boring of routine tasks at work?

You probably can not imagine at the moment that you could come to this point someday. I could never do that in school.

Why should I want to wish the boring music lessons back?

Interestingly, though, you can observe one thing about all financially free people. They are all quite active and have many different tasks and activities. Many start working or creating something again, although they could not have imagined it before.

They do not lie around on their lazy skin all day long but work, even though they no longer need it financially. Most outsiders who hate their work can not understand that.

“Why would someone want to work voluntarily? I would spend the whole day just doing my hobbies. “

I believe, however, that many people are subject to an illusion. They can not imagine that it could get boring and they continue to believe that they will be incredibly happy being “Financially Free”. There is a belief that, getting away from work would make you happy.

* But what if that’s not true?
* What if the happiness in Financial Freedom is just an illusion?
* What if it is really important to find the work that will make you happy?

Just imagine once that you win the lottery and never have to work again. What would you spend your time with? Only hobbies? Or would you start creating something for other people? Or just continue to work?

Today a somewhat philosophical text that raises more questions than it answers. I hope I could stimulate one or the other exciting thoughts with you. I would be very happy, if you would tell me your point of view in the comments.

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