Rock Your Finances With A Budget Book!

Take control of your finances with a budget book! 

Keep and maintain a household or budget book? Yeah right! This may sound mega time-consuming and boring. But, if you want to rock your finances, you can’t get around it. Because with a household book you take control of your finances. You get an accurate overview and control over your inputs and outputs. And that makes you feel very good, believe me.

In the new article I want to share some useful information on that topic and talk to you about the advantages of a budget book.

Advantages to using a budget book:

Control: You are actively engaged in your financial situation. You may have been wondering why it does not hit your finances from start to finish. With the budget book you finally get an overview.

Saving: You see exactly where you could possibly save money in the future! Do you really use your gym? Can the subscription be terminated? Are you going to eat a lot needlessly? You now know how much money you spend on what and where you can save.

Good feeling: You just get a good feeling!

What options do you have for a budget book?

There are really quite a few ways you can manage your budget book. It really depends on what you feel is good for you. You can for example use the following for a household book:

  • Spreadsheet program like Excel
  • Smartphone App
  • Classic writing


You can arrange your finances, for example classify it as follows:

  • Living: Everything that belongs to the topic of living comes in here. Rent, utilities, furniture, appliances, etc.
  • Mobility: car, public transport, car sharing or similar.
  • Finance and insurance: insurance contributions, account management, etc.
  • Media, Communication & Entertainment: All devices and contracts for mobile, PC, subscriptions (Netflix, Spotify, etc.)
  • Lifestyle: food, clothing, toiletries, etc.
  • Education: Everything comes in here, what you invest in yourself. Trainings, books, seminars, etc.
  • Leisure: traveling, sports, cinema, etc.
  • Other: Everything that does not fit into any other category

Oh, and you do not have to spend so much time on this task! Try to do this at least once a week in order to complete and carry everything together.

If you use an Excel form here you can also, for example, download your account balances from your bank account and transfer them to your Excel list.

At some point you have the hang of it and I almost go it without help. Getting started on reading about it can give you a leg up to begin with. So, to make sure that this work is not quite so boring, I have acquired a trick for myself. I turn on my favorite music and I just enjoy it. Try it, it works wonders!

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