Vacation On The Balcony

Fatigue on the arrival and departure, lousy staff at the hotel, in the shower strange hair. Full couches and empty promises. Nothing but stress and a lot of noise for nothing. The best weeks of the year can be awful when you aren’t having a vacation on the balcony. Anyone who has already experienced this or would like to forego the hustle and bustle from the start should announce:

I’ll stay here then!

Vacation on the balcony is it called casually. In English there are nice neologisms like staycation and holistay. In my definition, you do not necessarily have to have a balcony, terrace or garden. You simply spend the holidays at home, make excursions in the vicinity and sleep in your own bed.

5 good reasons to spend your holidays on the balcony

Balcony instead of Bali impresses at the office and on Instagram at most the eco- and self-determined folks. So it takes some courage and your own conviction that a holiday is just as beautiful at home. Here some good reasons that speak for themselves:

More money

A monthly salary is quickly spent on holidays for arrival and departure, accommodation, car rental, restaurants, and admissions. If you stay at home, you do something for your financial freedom – as long as you do not sink into the consumption swamp of pedestrian shopping zones and webshops.

More environmental protection

The balcony is the most sustainable resort of all. The CO2 emissions are low because the travel distances are very short as your own home already exists.

More of the holiday

Because preparations such as booking the trip, vaccinations and packing the bags and the return trip are completely gone.

More relaxation

You have a lot of free time, are in a familiar environment and have familiar faces around you. Chances are to slow down and relax on balconies. This is especially true for families. Little children do not care if they splash around in a nearby lake or in a Tropical South Sea.

More home-connectedness

The holidays at home can be wonderfully used to get to know your region better with all its facets and to cultivate contacts with the people near you. This affects the well-being in everyday life. What one knows and understands, appreciates and respects much sooner.

In 7 steps to the dream vacation at home

Like any holiday, the balcony also has a few risks. Anyone who does not get their heads free, is always available and does not break the old routine, will be ready for vacation again on the first day back at work.

The trick is to merge the comforts of home with the joyous excitement of a journey. The following steps and tips can help you here:

Before the holiday get the apartment, balcony and garden in shape.

The less to clean and to wash, the sooner the holiday feeling comes up.

Set-up a postal collection service for your mail.

The post collects your invoices, sales letters and all the rest and bundles them together until after the end of the balcony holiday period.

Working is taboo and you should not be reachable.

Neither by phone nor by e-mail and certainly not personally.

Reduce private obligations as much as possible.

On your balcony holiday finally no appointment hunts the next and you should make you rare. If this seems difficult to you, note down rules such as for example, “no schedule” or “check e-mails only once a day”.

Just do nothing.

Natural bath or hammock, iced tea or white wine spritzer, these should be the questions you ask yourself during your balcony holiday.

Pursue your favorite activities that are often missed out.

This also includes meeting with people who are important to you and do you good.

See, try and learn new things.

Standstill and routine do not work well in the long run. There is an endless amount of things to do and discover on every doorstep. This contributes to the fact that your balcony vacation remains as an unforgettable holiday in memory.

How about this: To see the city with new eyes, to get involved in the neighborhood, to hike the surrounding area, to visit the five most interesting museums next to your home and to acquire new skills.

Conclusion: It is even suitable for short breaks at all seasons

Your balcony is the next best thing, most minimalist, most sustainable and cheapest holiday destination ever. If you get the hang of it, it opens up an interesting opportunity. This vacation destination is so easy to reach, that you can retire there for a weekend or the full holiday season – spontaneously at any seasons year-round.

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